Easily Hypnotize People With This NLP Covert Hypnosis Tutorial – Part 9 Metaphor and Simile

In part 9 of this Nlp covert hypnosis tutorial we are going to discuss metaphor and simile.

Metaphor is the gateway to the inner mind and the language of dreams. A skilled persuader will use metaphor to build bridges to understanding. Also related to metaphor is simile, the difference between the two being that a metaphor makes an implicit comparison while a simile makes an explicit one.

In Nlp covert hypnosis simile is used to link ideas together. This is done by using the word like in phrases such as, “It’s just like when”. This phrase can be used to link any two ideas together even if they are totally unrelated. If the simile seems unrealistic you can use the phrase, “And that got me to think about” as a softener, this makes the simile seem as if it is your personal experience.

Metaphor works in a similar way to negation. The unconscious mind has no concept of lying and all metaphor is an obvious lie. Your conscious mind can process a metaphor such as, “You’re barking up the wrong tree” but the subconscious mind will have to create images and ideas of dogs, trees etc.

Can you see how incredible useful metaphor can be in covert hypnosis? By using the right metaphor we can plant any image we want in our subjects head. This is especially true when you are using sexual metaphor. Consider this sentence, “I really like this music, how the tension builds and builds until it explodes, and the notes feeling like long, slow, lingering kisses all over your body”.

Now while music cannot kiss or touch you, a person can. The unconscious mind is aware of this but still responds to the metaphor and associates its content with you.

Source by David St. Claire

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