Easily Hypnotize People With This Nlp Covert Hypnosis Tutorial – Part 6, Ambiguity

Today in this Nlp covert hypnosis tutorial I want to talk about ambiguity and how it can be used in hypnotic language.

Ambiguity is when a word, phrase, sentence or some other kind of communication can be interpreted in more than one way. By being ambiguous we allow our subject’s mind to “fill in the blanks” to our advantage.

There are several types of ambiguity in Nlp covert hypnosis

Tonal ambiguity is the basis for embedded commands. Think of the ambiguity created by the pauses and changes in tonality used in delivering these commands e.g. “I think we should start fooling around……..with the figures you sent me last week” or “I really like your telephone“. The word “telephone” can have massively sexual connotations if said in the right tonality.

Phonetic ambiguity is the use of homophobes and sound alike words to create confusion in your subjects mind. Consider the similarity of these phrases – your mind / you’re mine. Here is an example, “The more you learn to trust the voice inside your mine the happier you will become”

Punctuation ambiguity involves the use of run on sentences like this, “it’s like there’s this voice inside your head that says you want to have sex, you want to have sex. Now with me, whenever I feel like that”. Can you spot the command created by the punctuation ambiguity in this sentence.

Gesture ambiguity is the use of gestures such as self point’s to tell the person who you are talking to who you are talking about. For example you could say, “Have you ever had dreams about somebody who you really really like” and do the self point directly afterwards. The self point is an extremely subtle gesture, you do not actually point at yourself all you do is place your hand lightly on your chest for several seconds.

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Source by David St. Claire

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